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Sicce Nano Voyager Pumpe 1000L / H
Sicce Nano Voyager Pumpe 1000L / H
Sicce Nano Voyager Pumpe 1000L / H
Sicce Nano Voyager Pumpe 1000L / HFür sauberes und klares Wasser: Die VOYAGER NANO Strömungspumpen können auch in Süßwasseraquarien eingesetzt werden um Ablagerungen auf dem Beckenboden aufzuwirbeln, so dass das Filtersystem im Becken diese optimal ansaugen und aus dem Wasser entfernen kann. THE SMALLEST STREAM PUMPS for MARINE and FRESH WATER AQUARIUMS Extremely Compact with just 6,5 cm total length ! Low Energy Consumption: VOYAGER NANO 1.000 l/h 2,8 Watt VOYAGER NANO 2.000 l/h 3 Watt Equipped with AUTO-CLEANING and LUBRICATING System of the impeller Chamber Including VIBRATION-ABSORBING MAGNETIC SUPPORT for Aquarium Glass up to 12 mm QUALITY GUARANTEED PRODUCT 100% MADE IN ITALY 36 Month Warranty Developed to grant a silent operation and a great durability, these pumps are extraordinarily compact but complete with all SICCE Technology features: a protection grid with fine slots grants the protection for the smallest fishes, corals and sea stars. VOYAGER pumps are equipped with Self-Cleaning System, developed in all SICCE newest generation pumps: water is forced into to impeller chamber so to keep it lubricate and clean, avoiding also any residual air bubble that could create operation noise, granting a continuously operation and lower maintenance of the pumps. SICCE Self-Cleaning System also grants the cool operation of the motor and lowers heat transmission into the water of the aquarium. The Magnetic Support, that allows an easy rotation of the pump of 360, includes SICCE Vibration Absorbing System, thanks to the application of a special rubber that prevents any vibration transmission to the Aquarium glass. Overall Dimension: SMALL and HIGHLY PERFORMING ! Dimension of the pump inside the water 65x40x50 mm - External Magnetic support 10 mm Included in each Voyager Nano packaging: - Magnetic support for Aquarium glass up to 12mm; - Protection Grid; - Guarantee Certificate and Quality Control Department Serial Number Certificate; - Multilingual Instruction manual: IT-EN-DE-FR-NL-RU-ES-PT.
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